Christmas Mini Pre-Order painting


This listing is for an 8 x 10 original oil painting pre-order.

I will be accepting a limited number of 'Christmas Minis'.  Purchase your slot to receive a fully custom painting created especially for you.I don't often work this small, especially with commissions, so this is an opportunity to have a 'mini commission'.  Minis make a beautiful unique gift! This is like a compacted commission, mini-size, mini-time and mini-process!


  • All clients must be in Canada or USA, if you are international I can't promise your piece will arrive in time for Dec 25.
  • I will ship all finished pieces together by December 5, which should arrive for Dec 25. Shipping is included for North America.
  • Paintings will be loose, sketchy, fresh interpretations of your photo. Edits will be limited to 1 session/approval. 
  • Please specify if you would prefer final painting to be private or if I may share on social media (before or after Christmas)
  • Photos submitted must be yours or have permission to be used as reference if professional
  • I reserve the right to reject photos that might be too complicated or otherwise unfit for this project
  • Subject can be almost anything- birth, babies, couple series, flesh series, still life, landscape, figurative! 


1. Please email with a selection of 2-5 images. A brief discussion on which image would be the best for the piece and then I'll begin! In your email use the subject 'Christmas mini' and reference your order number in the body.  If you'd like me to select and you be surprised I'll include a free card!

2. Please allow me time to complete these. I can't fulfill my commitment to have them done by early December if all orders send me images on December 1. 

3. Please be mindful of your subject matter. At this size please expect your painting will be loose and choose appropriate photo references- complicated, multi-figure scenes will not be the best at such a small scale.  Please see photo examples for ideas.