Birth Art Print - Ravens and Corn- Two Women Pregnancy Post Partum


Title: How we rise when we’re born like the ravens in the corn on their wings, on our knees crawling careless from the sea God, give us love in the time that we have God, every road takes us farther from home (Sam Beam)

(original sold)

This is a beautiful, high quality reproduction. This birth art makes a stunning gift for a midwife, doctor's office, hospital practice, baby shower, or doula thank you. This print is as close to 12 x 18 inches as proportionately possible. All prints are different sizes as they are in proportion to the original painting. The reproductions are printed on acid-free archival quality watercolour paper, and laid on acid free foamcore, protected in a clear bag. Please do not hang in direct sunlight. With professional framing, this reproduction will last a very long time. In a store-bought frame, you will enjoy it for many years!