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Greeting/Note Cards Set of 12


A large set of cards to give with gifts or write a thank- you note.  These elegant greeting cards are the perfect item to send individually or as a set. Revive the dying art of handwritten notes and share fine art at the same time. The images are luscious replications of the original oil paintings; the colour is rich and deep. The cards have lots of room for your sentiments at 5 x 7 inches. They come in the pictured set of 12 or 6. Each card has a matching envelope.

Please note these are also NOT archival, they can be framed and put on the wall but will not last like an archival print.


Set A- as pictured

Set B- as pictured

Set C - surprise me! A random selection of 12 cards from the assorted pictured. 

Set D- surprise me! A random selection of 6 cards from the assorted photo and more not pictured. 

Card orders will be shipped once a week via lettermail.